Introducing "Serenade of Passion" - a captivating exploration of hidden geometry within the 10-petaled Passion Flower. This mesmerizing mosaic mandala effortlessly blends glass, mirror, symbolism, and healing energy to create a truly enchanting masterpiece. Crafted with the sensual and daring music of the legendary artist Prince as inspiration, this mosaic pays homage to his bold and evocative artistry. Prepare to be entranced as you immerse yourself in the moody magnificence of the Passion Flower. Sparkling with a dynamic allure, this piece features exquisite violet and mottled green glass, complemented by the shimmer of fire torched copper and dazzling Austrian crystal embellishments. Together, these elements coax out a myriad of geometric shapes, delicately highlighting the essence, mystery, and sheer beauty of the passion flower. The captivating hues of green and purple hold significance in chakra healing, representing growth, transformation, and spiritual awakening. Allow these vibrant colors to infuse your surroundings with a sense of positivity, serenity, and renewed vitality, as they work harmoniously to restore balance and align your energies. "Serenade of Passion" invites you to surrender to its magnetic charm, to embrace the fusion of art and spirituality, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery. This masterpiece promises to become the focal point of any space, capturing hearts and minds with its undeniable allure. Experience the transformative power of this mosaic and let it serenade your senses with its intricate beauty. Size: 24" Diameter Weight: 8 lb Glass, Mirror, Fire Torched Copper, Austrian Crystal

  • SKU: 5098

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