Once upon a time, in a hidden garden, there was a mystical mosaic that whispered tales of elusive treasures. Its intricate design showcased the enchanting geometry of 4 petaled flowers, with a mesmerizing fractal pattern of circles within squares. Within this structure, an illusion of four delicate petals emerged from sparkling colored mirror, beckoning observers to unravel its secrets. Is this piece a mystical four-leafed clover, believed to bring good fortune and luck? Or, is it as an Evening Primrose, a flower said to bloom only under the moon's gentle glow, carrying dreams and wishes upon its petals? I adorned this piece with fire torched copper rings and glistening crystals which shimmer in different light. The colors, a harmonious blend of green, yellow, and cream, evoked a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. There is an undeniable Celtic essence to this mosaic reminding me of ancient wisdom and timeless magic. Enjoy interacting with the spellbinding presence of the geometry. Perhaps allow yourself to be transported to a place where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred and contemplate: What secrets lay within this mosaic? What stories does it hold? Size: 17" Diameter Glass, Mirror, Fire-torched copper, Austrian Crystals Weight: 5 lbs

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About this Piece

Geometry design study: Keith Critchlow

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