I have created a soothing mosaic exploring 7 petal geometry. I imagine I am a fairy, resting underneath a gorgeous tulip, gazing up at the petals in a state of enchantment and tranquility. This beautiful piece is made with glass, mirror, copper, and crystals. It celebrates the stem, stamen, and anthers, the pollinators which the petals frame and shelter. The geometry of this flower is made with pink mirror and represents the energy flow of the flower. With its shimmering iridescent surface, this mosaic invites you to explore the magical world beneath the tulip. I can almost feel the soft touch of the tulip's petals against my skin and feel the sunshine through the mottled glass. The sacred geometry patterns hidden deep within flowers fascinates me. My intent with this series I’m creating for the MN Landscape Arboretum spring flower show, is to capture the essence of nature's beauty and hidden structure. Does this piece evoke a sense of wonder and serenity with you? Size: Diameter – 25” Weight: 8 pounds

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About this Piece

Geometry design study: Keith Critchlow

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