"The Alchemy of a Star Flower" is an enchanting fusion of copper, serpentine, and the star flower's essence. It serves as a portal to the realms of inner exploration, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the transformative energies of nature. This study into the hidden structure of geometry found in flowers, resembles the intricate star flower. Each individual piece of glass and mirror, carefully placed, forms a symphony of shapes and patterns that seem to move and captivate the imagination. The mirror whispers secrets of blooming meadows, of starlight illuminating petals, and the enchantment of sevenfold geometry. In this mesmerizing mosaic mirror, the metaphysical properties of copper and serpentine intertwine, enhancing the enchantment it exudes. Copper, known for its conductive nature, symbolizes energy and vitality. Its fiery presence resonates with the red chakra, igniting passion and courage within. As the copper accents glimmer like stars, they infuse the artwork with a warm and vibrant energy, inviting an exploration of the depths within oneself. Serpentine, on the other hand, embodies the transformative powers of nature. Its lush green hue connects it to the heart chakra, radiating love, compassion, and healing energies. As the delicate rim of green serpentine adorns the inner mirror, it acts as a portal to another world, symbolizing both inner and outer growth. Take a moment and gaze into in the mirror's depths and watch your reflection merge with the mirror, and became part of the art itself. Size: 33" Weight: 15 pounds

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About this Piece

Sevenfold Geometry Study: Keith Critchlow

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