“With a mischievous smile, she mixed a vivid hot pink grout that is reminiscent of an energy field that only the most perceptive eyes could see.” In this mosaic masterpiece, the vibrant hot pink grout serves as a visual representation of the energy field that surrounds geraniums. It captures the essence of their beauty and vitality, symbolizing the life force that flows through these remarkable flowers. Just as the five-fold geometry represents harmony and balance, the delicate petals of the geranium reveal a hidden pattern that mirrors this natural order. Jade, in its mesmerizing green hue, frames the inner mirror of the artwork. This precious stone not only represents the stem of the geranium but also brings forth qualities of life and love. Known for its ability to promote emotional balance and decision-making, jade acts as a protective barrier against negative energies, encouraging harmony and nurturing positive relationships. Embellishments of fire torched copper and sparkling Austrian crystals add whimsical touches to the piece. The copper, a conduit for happy energy, infuses the artwork with a sense of joy and playfulness. The crystals, with their bursts of light, bring an element of mischief and enchantment to the overall composition. Step into the enchanted garden of this mosaic artwork and let yourself be captivated by the kaleidoscope of geranium magic. Allow the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and symbolic elements to transport you to a world where beauty, harmony, and positive energy abound. Size: 31" Diameter 12" Inner Mirror Weight: 14 pounds

  • SKU: 5086

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