Behold the captivating beauty of this mosaic creation of fractals of circles within squares. Deep inside a pentagram glimmers, and eightfold petals unfold to frame the intricate structure inside. In this intricate masterpiece, every piece of glass is meticulously hand cut. As I laid each piece of glass a portal seemed to emerge within the mosaic. It was as if the passion flower had become a gateway to another realm, inviting me to step into a world of wonder. The cuts of glass, like beams of light, guided my eyes towards the heart of the flower, where a revelation awaited…5 stamen, creating a pentagram. The passion flower is also associated with tranquility and peace and those are the emotions, along with wonder and awe, that this piece evoke in me. Step into this world of enchantment and let the Eightfold Passion Flower envelop you in its captivating embrace. Discover the secrets it holds and allow its beauty to inspire your own journey of self-discovery. Size: 24" Weight: 7 lbs Glass, Mirror, Fire Torched Copper, and Austrian Crystals

  • SKU: 5085

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