Once upon a time, Shelley a young girl in Colorado, was walking to the town library and passed by a vibrant orange and red tulip in the garden. The petals shimmered with the essence of fire, illuminating the surrounding flora. Shelley stopped to gaze in wonder at this glorious flower and was awestruck by the pattern and colors she saw deep inside. As the sun's rays of that afternoon caressed Shelley, the tulip radiated a captivating aura. The vibrant colors danced and shimmered, casting a spell of enchantment upon Shelley that would stay with her throughout her life. As time passed, the memory of tulip's magic spread into her art and she later learned about the magic of sacred geometry. Thinking back to that glorious moment of her childhood, Shelley was again awestruck at how geometry was intricately woven into the structure and origin of that fiery tulip. Each petal, each curve, and each angle held a divine equation, creating a harmonious symphony of energy. And now, years later I have rendered this memory as a gorgeous orange and red tulip adorned with tiger eye, copper, and rhinestones. I hope my pieces touch the hearts and minds of those who interact with my art. Size: 24" Inner Mirror: 10" Weight: 8 pounds Glass, Mirror, Fire Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals, Tiger Eye

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About this Piece

Geometry Study: Keith Critchlow     

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