Let's celebrate the beauty and symbolism behind Forget-me-not flower. This delicate and captivating flower holds a special place in our hearts with its rich meanings of eternal love, remembrance, true love, protection, and good luck. As you explore its intricate details, you'll discover that the Forget-me-not is not just any ordinary bloom. It is structured within fivefold geometry, also known as pentagonal geometry. The pentagon, one of the most prominent shapes in fivefold geometry, holds deep symbolism within the Forget-me-not. Representing balance and unity, the pentagon is formed by five equal sides and angles, symbolizing the harmony between the physical and spiritual aspects of existence. At first glance, you may notice the presence of three circles within this flower. But if you look closer, you'll be amazed to find a hidden wonder within each circle - a pentagram and a five-sided star. This creates a mesmerizing repeating fractal pattern that becomes so minuscule that it becomes invisible to the naked eye. To enhance the intricacy of where the petals emerge from the stem, I've embellished the geometry with the stunning gemstones Ametrine and Tsavorite. Ametrine, a captivating blend of amethyst and citrine, infuses the creation with harmony, relieving tension, promoting serenity, and stimulating creativity. Tsavorite, a vibrant green gemstone, adds strength, confidence, and vitality, further amplifying the energy of the Forget-me-not. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing hues of purple and green that dance harmoniously together within this mosaic creation. These colors not only captivate the eye but also evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment. Size: 18" Weight: 5 pounds Glass, Mirror, Ametrine, Fire Torched Copper, Austrian Crystal

  • SKU: 5059

About this Piece

Geometric Design Study: Keith Critchlow

Ametrine: relieves tension, allows serenity and stimulates creativity, as well as balance mental stability

Tsavorite: strength and confidence, restores balance and vitality

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy

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