Gemstones and metals set into a .925 Sterling Silver Bezel. .75" x 2"

  • SKU: 3060

About this Piece

Metaphysical Properties:

Gold:  The master healer, green Italian gold smalti for the heart

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy and an amplifier of the energies of the stones around it.

Tiger Eye:  A stone of protection and good luck

Peridot: A strone for compassion, brings peace to relationships by balancing emotions and minds, and inspires creativity.

Malachite: Guards the heart, absorbs negative energy, clears and activates chakras

Carnelian: restores vitality, stimulates creativity - gives courage, and motivates for success.

Marcellus Shale: Heals emotional stress, grounds root chakra, releases old hurts and negative feelings.