2.5" x 3.5" In the heart of a vibrant meadow, a magnificent sunflower stands tall, its golden petals reaching towards the radiant sky. Nestled within its core lies a mesmerizing amazonite gem, glowing with hues of tranquil blues and greens. This enchanting sunflower, surrounded by a sea of shimmering citrine crystals, emanates a metaphysical energy that intertwines with the very essence of the meadow. As the gentle breeze whispers through the field, the sunflower's ethereal smile radiates a sense of peace and harmony. The swirls of orange hues that paint the meadow mirror the patterns within the citrine crystals, creating a mesmerizing dance of energy and light. In this mystical convergence, the sunflower becomes a beacon of positivity and optimism, reminding us to embrace the energies that surround us. Its presence serves as a reminder to seek solace in the harmonious tapestry of nature, where joy and serenity can be found by those who open their hearts to the healing vibrations of the sunflower, amazonite, and citrine.


About this Piece

Comes with a easel for display

Amazonite: A lovely mineral that has a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to dispel negative energy and promote a sense of inner peace. It is a stone of truth and communication, helping to facilitate honest and open communication between individuals. It is said to promote clarity of thought and expression, making it an ideal stone for those who struggle with communication or self-expression.

Citrine: resonates with the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with personal power, self-confidence, and creativity.  It is a powerful crystal for manifesting wealth, success, and prosperity. The energy of this helps to amplify your intentions and attract abundance and good fortune. Citrine balances emotions, promoting feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism; and helps release negative emotions like anger, fear, and depression.

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