A sweet turquoise bug visits this lovely peridot and tsavorite heart centered sunflower. Glass and gemstones on mirror Size: 5" x 9" Framed

  • SKU: #3042

About this Piece


Tsavorite: A mineral in the garnet family that focuses on the heart chakra, it heals old emotional trauma clearing the way for trust, increases vitality, and brings joy.

Peridot: A mineral that also works closely with the heart chakra, releases toxins, brings in joy, good health, and prosperity.

Yellow Turquoise: Helps one connect with spirit, attracts positive energy, and increases intuition.

Serpentine: One of my favs! Clears clouded areas of your chakra fields, and a stone of abundance and manifestation.

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy. Copper amplifies the energy fields of the stones around it.

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