A gorgeous mirror full of delightful energy. Size: 22" x 22"


About this Piece

Metaphysical Properties:

This mirror creation was very much channeled - different stones wanted to be used and I listened. The overall energy is of protection of the solar plexus and naval chakras, with some heart/throat compassion energy pulsing gently throughout. This is a lovely soft and ethereal mirror and promises to instantly make you feel a deep calm, loved, and grounded.

Tsavorite: A lovely stone belonging to the garnet family and one of compassion. It rims the mirror strategically to pull you in to find your inner beauty.

Serpentine: (one of my favorites!) is used for to clear out clouded and dense energy centers and can be used to attract love, healing, and prosperity. This is a mineral I use most often, as its vibration and color is particularly soothing and attractive to me.

Green Jasper: A stone for balance, which heals dis ease, and obsession.

Turquoise: Provides protection against harm and lifts depression.

Citrine and Peridot: Combined for compassion, self-confidence, and the ability to transmute negative thoughts.

Tiger Eye: Heals the naval and solar plexus areas, symbolizes unity. This was the last stone that wanted to be included and I did feel like the embellishments all came together with the addition of this mineral.

Marble: The lovely soft green marble is what started this mirror of - This mineral is used to provide clarity in meditation. It also can provide for strength and self-control to support mastery of thought. It enhances the powers of serenity and contributes to the overall energy of this mirror.

In addition, I used Czech crystal and my favorite metal, copper, a conduit for positive energy and to activate and amplify the energies of the other minerals.

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