In addition to a custom fire pit made with beloved and sentimental wine themed tiles, I created two mirror frames for a mother and daughter so they had matching mirrors. The story is a beautiful one and you can read more below from the client.

About this Piece

I am a very proud adoptee raised by a beyond incredible family who I love more than words .  They are the most amazing family that I’m honored to be part of.  
I am also fortunate to have a relationship with my birth mother for the past 27 years and she gave me some beautiful tile pieces that she bought before we even reunited.  A classmate posted that she was taking mosaic tile classes and I asked her to create something amazing for me with the tile pieces purchased by my birth mother and she did not disappoint.  

Shelley Beaumont you have an amazing gift and I love the custom pieces you created for me that are truly priceless!!

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