A protective and colorful sunflower with a visiting bee. 5" x 9" Framed and ready to hang

  • SKU: #3024

About this Piece

Flower made with malachite, glass on mirror, and Azur Malachite.

The bricks are serpentine and pink feldspar and serpentine, with bits of copper tucked in.

The bee is a metal and amethyst repurposed hat pin.


Amethyst: Relieves stress, dissolves negativity, and opens the third eye.

Malachite: Absorbs negative energy, and clears and activates chakras.

Azurite Malachite: Heals heartache, encourages action, and clears away confusion.

Serpentine: (always a favorite of mine!) Also helps clear chakras and helps to heal any mental, emotional or physical ailments.

Pink Feldspar: A great stone for creativity and supports in self-love.

Copper: Amplifies the energy of the stones around it and my favorite conduit for happy energy.

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