I love creating this door!! It is from a rendering of a photo from a door in the village of Porte d'Italia, in Italy taken by my talented friend, Elena Giorgi. This design has morphed to include flowers and an archway that reminds me of the apartment building I lived in while in Vienna, Austria.

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About this Piece

The magic of this door is enhanced by the use of mirror underneath the blue glass.  In certain lights you can see yourself or objects reflected back at you.  The use of different stones enhances the magic vibe.


Marble (green and gray): Used for clarity in meditations and for mastery of thought.

Riverstone: Can help revitalize your auric field and helps facilitate inner change

Amazonite: Used for clairvoyance, health, protection, happiness, and confidence.

Pink Feldspar: Stimulates creative thinking

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy.

I used ceramic flowers, old rhinestones, and an repurposed jewelry for embellishments.

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