30" x 30" You will be kissed by magic when looking into this mirror!

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About this Piece

This mirror design grew from inspiration while taking a creative cohort classes during the winter 0f 2021 with my mentor and fantastic artist, Laurel True. The moon design emerged after taking a sacred geometry drawing class, and when I learned the story of Indra’s Net, I immediately knew I wanted to capture the net of jewels in the story. I used 4 different types of gold smalti glass for the moon, patterned with a torus swirl, and dotted with a zillion @Swarovski crystals. The sun mandala and colors were inspired by the Bird of Paradise. The mirror frame is embellished with #copper swirls (to generate and attract joy), Swarovski crystals, and some cool #amethyst findings I had squirreled away.

I found it interesting that many of my gemstones conferred, but chose to not be a part of this mirror. Rather, gold and crystal were the dominant materials. The bit of amethyst is just enough to add a bit of mystery...it’s as if the placement and shapes create a portal to be unlocked to access woo woo energies!


White and yellow gold glass smalti
Swarovski crystals
Gold leaf
Toho Seed Beads