1.75" x 1.75" Blue tiger eye, black tourmaline, slate, yellow turquoise, gold smalti, and copper are set into a silver plated bezel creating an energy field of balance and harmony.

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About this Piece


Blue tiger eye: A grounding and soothing stone that reduces stress, eases anxiety, provides protection against negative energy, provides personal power, and can attract good luck and fortune.

Yellow turquoise: Clears the body of toxins, helps digestion; is great for stimulating ones imagination, fosters sensitivity, and can heal trauma.

Slate: Provides harmony among elements, balances chakras, and is very grounding.

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy. Amplifies the energies of the stones around it.

Gold (white, blue, and yellow gold Italian smalti): A master healer, brings abundance, provides mental balance, vitality, and attracts wealth.

Silver: A metal that helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies, also amplifies the energy of the stones it comes in contact with.