Size: 23" Diameter Inner Mirror: 8" Nadi transcends dimension. She is extraordinary. During her journey on earth she learned to transmute pain and anguish to joy, curiosity, and an extraordinary ability to love and SEE. When creating this mirror I could see her smiling and shaking her head in wonder. “Do you like this color? Would you prefer this color?” She answered with a smile and said “It is extraordinary.” Nadi, a geometric mosaic mirror embellished with Andesine Labradorite, showcases exceptional metaphysical properties that transcend dimensions. Guided by Nadi's spirit, the mirror embodies the interconnectedness of life through the representation of the Seed of Life symbol. The carefully selected colors within the mirror design correspond to the Heart, Throat, and Sacral Chakras, serving as a visual aid to foster trust in one's intuition and emotions. Andesine Labradorite, a significant component of the mirror, enhances its healing energy by promoting spiritual growth, purifying the aura, and establishing a sense of grounding. The unique properties of this stone contribute to opening the heart chakra, facilitating connection with the spiritual realm, and encouraging inner healing. Nadi's influence and presence during the creation of the mirror serve as a testament to the profound impact of spiritual guidance and support that surrounds me when I create. Through Nadi and the intricate design of the mirror, I intend for you to be reminded of the profound interconnectedness of the universe and enjoy the transformative power that art has that can support personal growth and spiritual well-being.

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About this Piece

Andesine-labradorite possesses powerful metaphysical properties that aid in spiritual growth, aura cleansing, and grounding. It helps open the heart chakra, connect with the spiritual realm, and promotes inner healing.

Copper is one of my favorite metals to use and a conduit for happy energy. Copper is believed to be a tool for balancing the chakras and its energy is said to flow freely through the body, helping to remove blockages and promote healing on all levels. In addition to its metaphysical properties, copper is also known for its ability to enhance the energy of other materials. When used in conjunction with other crystals or stones, copper amplifies their energy and help to create a more powerful and harmonious energy field.

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