Outer Diameter: 24" Inner Mirror: 18" Weight: 8 pounds Wondrous miracles can stem from an enduring bond between two souls, or in this case four. A dear friend commissioned a mirror from me for her new home. Our boys, both on the Autism spectrum, have been fast friends for 10 years. We have navigated through elementary, middle, high-school, and now we venture into adulthood together. We have a bond that is very special and this mirror was created while remembering the laughter we’ve shared this last decade. Peacocks and purple are favorites of my friend and as I was thinking about the design, I knew I was going to use crazy lace agate, copper, crystals, and iridescent glass. She wanted color and bling!! Known for happiness, harmony, and maintaining emotional stability, I chose beautifully dyed blue and purple crazy lace agate to rim the inner and outer mirror. As I laid each stone, I imagined the reflections in the mirror being transformed into shimmering feathers, each containing a fragment of a peacock's energy when in full flume. I could also see in my mind’s eye my friend beaming every time she looked at herself surrounded by the beautiful stones, iridescent glass, and crystals. Copper is used generously in this piece. I use this element because it is a conduit for happy energy and amplifies the energy of the stones around it. This is one happy mirror! It is my hope that she, her son, and any visitors feel the power of our friendship and the joy and love we share between us and our boys.


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