13.25" Outer Diameter 7" Inner Mirror This creation features cheerful yellow and orange tulips dancing with the strong and beautiful orange of carnelian. The soft, yet vibrant shades of green in the yellow turquoise add depth and dimension to this stunning piece. Hang it in any room of your home and watch as it brings a burst of sunshine and joy to your day. Discover the beauty of nature through my eyes and add a touch of cheer to your home decor.

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About this Piece

Carnelian is a powerful stone that has been used for centuries as a talisman for protection, courage, and vitality. Its deep, fiery orange color is said to stimulate creativity and motivation, helping individuals tap into their inner power and achieve their goals with confidence. Carnelian is also believed to enhance the senses and promote a sense of groundedness and stability. In the spiritual realm, carnelian is said to balance the sacral chakra, which governs creativity, sexuality, and personal power. Its grounding energy helps individuals connect with their higher selves and achieve a deeper sense of spiritual awareness. Overall, carnelian is a powerful stone that can help individuals harness their inner strength and achieve their full potential.

Yellow Turquoise is a rare and powerful stone that combines the properties of yellow jasper and turquoise. This unique combination creates a stone that is both grounding and uplifting, making it an excellent choice for those who seek balance and harmony in their lives. Yellow Turquoise is believed to enhance communication skills, allowing individuals to express themselves more clearly and effectively. It is also said to promote inner peace and emotional healing, helping individuals release negative emotions and embrace positivity and joy. In the spiritual realm, Yellow Turquoise is believed to stimulate the solar plexus and throat chakras, promoting self-confidence, creativity, and self-expression. Its gentle yet powerful energy can help individuals tap into their inner strength and achieve their full potential. Overall, Yellow Turquoise is a beautiful and powerful stone that can bring balance, clarity, and positivity to any aspect of life.

Copper is one of my favorite metals to use and a conduit for happy energy. It is a powerful conductor of energy that has been used for centuries in various metaphysical practices. Copper is believed to be a tool for balancing the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. Its energy is said to flow freely through the body, helping to remove blockages and promote healing on all levels.
In addition to its metaphysical properties, copper is also known for its ability to enhance the energy of other materials. When used in conjunction with other crystals or stones, copper amplies their energy and help to create a more powerful and harmonious energy field.

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