Please contact Andamento Studio and Gallery in Hamden, MD to purchase: Size: 6.25" x 16.25" (4 Available) My stunning Energy Sticks are unique and transformative pieces of multi-media art designed to bring positive energy into your space. Each energy stick is meticulously crafted by hand using high-quality gemstones, minerals, luxurious 24-carat gold, and copper, as well as cosmic meteorite beads. Inspired by the vibrant yellow echinacea flower, known for its healing properties and ability to boost vitality and energy, the Energy Sticks combine the earthy essence of gemstones with the cosmic energy of meteorites. Meteorites are believed to hold the energy of the cosmos, providing clarity, intuition, protection, and overall wellness. These pieces feature a dynamic combination of green gold, copper, meteorite, bumble bee jasper, dioptase, orange and red coral, green apple jasper, and shale. The colors, and textures that create a harmonious balance of healing energies. The green gemstones promote balance and harmony, reducing stress and anxiety, while the yellow gemstones promote clarity, confidence, and happiness. Together, these colors create a powerful duo that can help to restore the body's natural balance and promote overall well being. Perfect for individuals interested in metaphysical sciences and dynamic art with hidden layers of meaning, my Energy Sticks not only will enhance your space but will also promote healing and positive energy. Whether displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall, my Energy Sticks will elevate the energy of any room and bring a sense of harmony and wellbeing to your daily life. Transform your space and embrace the cosmic and earthly energies of gemstones and meteorites, and experience a newfound sense of balance, clarity, and happiness in your home. Beautifully framed with hand milled ash and a linen mat by Icebox Quality Framing and Gallery

  • SKU: 5027-5030

About this Piece

Meteorite: transformation, emotional balance

Bumblebee jasper: removes energetic blocks

Dioptase: forgiveness

Orange coral: optimism and joy

Red coral: quiets emotions

Green apple jasper: grounding/protection

Shale: balance

Copper: happiness

Gold: abundance

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