A lovely combination of thulite, pink tourmaline, phosphosiderite, and rose gold. This pendant is very heart centered and is focusing on love, joy, releasing stress, and amplifying the heart and emotional system. Size: 2.5" x .75" Stainless steel or sterling silver chain included.

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About this Piece

Thulite: A powerful stone that affects many chakras. It resonates energy to cure emotional and mental pain and radiates love, compassion, joy, and serenity.

Phosphosiderite: Connects one to life source energy, has a very soothing and calming vibration, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Has very strong heart energy.

Pink Tourmaline: Activates and stimulates the heart chakra. Heals the heart and emotional system.

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy. Activates and amplifies the energy of the stones around it.

Silver: A metal that helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies, also amplifies the energy of the stones it comes in contact with.

Rose Gold: Gold in all forms is a master healer. Expands and activates the heart energy.