Size: 14" x 14" x 2" Exploring the beauty and simplicity of succulents, I crafted this piece with the finest art glass to create a succulent that exudes light and wonder. The stripped green and white glass intricately woven together form a mesmerizing pattern that is sure to captivate the attention of all who gaze upon it. At the center lies a magnificent fire-torched copper finding adorned with a genuine Swarovski* crystal that adding an extra touch of elegance and playfulness to this work of art. I used colored mirror around to rim the succulent not only to enhances the beauty of the flower, but also to creates a halo of energy. The reflective surface of the mirror magnifies the natural radiance of the succulent, while also adding a colorful aura that exudes positivity and vibrancy. 

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About this Piece

Copper: One of my favorite metals to use and a conduit for happy energy. Copper is believed to be a tool for balancing the chakras and its energy is said to flow freely through the body, helping to remove blockages and promote healing on all levels. In addition to its metaphysical properties, copper is also known for its ability to enhance the energy of other materials. When used in conjunction with other crystals or stones, copper amplifies their energy and help to create a more powerful and harmonious energy field.

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