Yellow and apple jasper, along with peridot and dioptase come together to support and create energy for new interests and relationships. Size: 2.5" x 1"

  • SKU: #4010

About this Piece


Yellow Jasper: Solidifies new interests and relationships, nurtures and supports during times of stress.

Apple Jasper: A nurturing and soothing stone that balances energy centers.

Dioptase: A stone of forgiveness and compassion. Releases feelings of being stuck.

Peridot: A mineral that also works closely with the heart chakra, releases toxins, brings in joy, good health, and prosperity.

Copper (fire torched): My favorite conduit for happy energy, Amplifies the energies of the stones around it.

Silver: A metal that helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies, also amplifies the energy of the stones it comes in contact with.

Piece comes with a chain. Please contact me for choice.