An exclusive hummingbird shaped pendant filled with copper, Swarovski, beads, zoisite, cherry jade, and gold. A pink Swarovski crystal sits on top of a fire torched copper bead creating a lovely focal point. Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

  • SKU: #3112

About this Piece


Gold (green 24kt gold-leaf Italian smalti): A master healer, attracts abundance, provides mental balance and vitality.

Copper: (fire torched rainbow copper) My favorite conduit for happy energy, Activates and amplifies the energies of the stones around it.

Silver: A metal that helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies, also amplifies the energy of the stones it comes in contact with.

Zoisite: Supports both the heart and root chakra with growth, strength, fertility, protection, and health. Alleviates grief, releases anger, and heals the emotional  body.

 Red cherry jade: Red jade is a dream stone, taps into warrior energy, vitality, and urges action.

Piece comes with a chain. Please contact me for options.