A charming carlian on mirror centered flower with glass petals and a backdrop of serpentine, yellow turquoise, and copper. 9" x 5" x 1.5" Can be hung or set flat (Bug optional!)

  • SKU: #3105

About this Piece


Carnelian: For protection vitality, energy, digestion, pain relief, stability, courage, idealism, and community spirit. (I always wear a carnelian bracelet - one of my favorite minerals!) Associated with the sacral chakra.

Yellow Turquoise: Clears impurities and toxins. Improves intuition, builds up the immune system, and enhances creativity and communication.

Serpentine: Good for meditation and spiritual exploration. Taps into wisdom and protects against psychic attacks.

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy. Amplifies the energy of the stones around it.

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