18" x 18" This was created in the heart of the Minnesota winter channeling the spring tulips that bring joy to my heart. This mirror explores the connection between heart and mind and is a favorite color combination of green (heart) and purple (crown/mind). It is important to listen to your heart as it always knows before your head what is true and correct with yourself and your world. The glass is adhered to a layer of mirror allowing for pops of light to come through the brown opaque glass, allowing for a little thrill when seen!

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About this Piece

Green Aventurine: Used here for tranquility and to access the heart's dreams

Peridot and Citrine: Combined for their ability to relieve stress, calm nerves, reflect positivity, cleanse negative emotions, and increase the heart's awareness

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy. Amplifies the energy of the stones around it and activates my art.

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