10.5 x 10.5” As the fairy sits atop the glass petal, she feels a deep connection with the energy of the serpentine backdrop. Its sinuous patterns evoke a sense of transformation and renewal, reminding her of the powerful magic that lies within her. As she gazes upon the center of the sunflower, she is mesmerized by its intricate patterns. The glass beads shimmer in the light, reflecting the brilliance of the sun. The tiger eye in the center radiates a warm, golden energy, inviting the fairy to tap into her inner strength and courage. The fairy is filled with a sense of wonder and awe as she contemplates the beauty of the sunflower. She realizes that, like the flower, she too is a reflection of the divine. She is reminded of the power of her own creativity and the magic that lies within her. With a renewed sense of purpose, the fairy takes flight, ready to explore the world around her with a sense of wonder and joy. She knows that with the help of the serpentine and the magic of the sunflower, she can create a life that is truly magical and full of wonder.

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About this Piece

Glass on Mirror

Serpentine: Serpentine, the stone of transformation and healing, can be a powerful tool in connecting with fairy magic. Its serpentine energy is associated with the earth element, which is the realm of the fairies. Serpentine can be used to ground oneself in nature and connect with the energy of the earth elementals

Copper is one of my favorite metals to use and a conduit for happy energy. Copper is believed to be a tool for balancing the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. Its energy is said to flow freely through the body, helping to remove blockages and promote healing on all levels. When used in conjunction with other crystals or stones, copper amplifies their energy and help to create a more powerful and harmonious energy field.

Tiger Eye: Tigereye is a stone of courage and strength, known for its grounding and protective properties. Its golden-brown color and chatoyancy, or reflective quality, evoke the energy and power of the sun. Tigereye is said to enhance self-confidence and willpower, helping one to overcome fears and take action towards their goals. It is also believed to aid in decision-making and promote mental clarity and focus. Tigereye is a powerful stone for those seeking to tap into their inner strength and manifest their desires.

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