artist statement

artist statementartist statementartist statement
I work with stained glass, mirror, metals, crystals, and gemstones. Childhood memories of living in the mountains of Colorado, metaphysical sciences, sacred geometry, a love of geology, and an interest in the mysteries of ancient civilizations swirl together to create the playing ground for my inspirations. I create a whimsical energy field with my art that is intended to interact with the energy field of the viewer. The colors, design, and materials for each piece are infused with metaphysical intent creating layers of meaning to explore. I work with the colors and frequencies associated with the Chakra system, a network of individual energy centers located throughout the body. I utilize mirror and other reflective elements, to draw the person into themself while engaging with my art.

When working on a commission, I like to think about the person's likes, dislikes, and weave meditative energy into their piece adding a unique dimension to my art.  I have created pieces for healing, forgiveness, happiness, and joy.  It is important to me as an artist to honor my materials, all of which have their own energy and "feel", so they can vibrate and communicate in happiness.

Photo credit: Brett Dorriann Artistry Studio,