"Protectors of Truth"

30" x 30" Glass, Mirror, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Red Jasper, White Gold, Moonstone, Copper


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About this Piece

This fantastic mirror design came to me during a meditation.  I was visited by what I thought was an ant queen of sorts with a beautiful ruff around her neck.  I tried to render this vision into a drawing but wasn't able to quite capture the energy I felt.  As I created the base of the mirror, the "aha" came and I sculpted the areas where the ladies are.

I rendered my vision into a more abstract mask and captured the message and energy that I felt and saw.  Truth and protection.

I chose minerals that would support this vision:

Labradorite: Imparts strength, balances and protects your aura, and radiates an energy that stimulates the throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli: Helps to overcome depression, reveals deep inner truths, and encourages self-expression.

Red Jasper: A bit of red for the root chakra and to balance the blue of the throat chakra.  A protective stone that helps in grounding energy and helps with solving problems.

Moonstone:  A fantastic stone for inner growth and strength, it enhances intuition and and inspiration.

White Gold: Gold in all forms is a master healer.  I chose the white gold to represent our inner light.

Copper: My favorite conduit for happy energy.  Using copper also amplifies the energies of the stones around it.