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Size: 18" Diameter Mirror: 11.5 inches Weight: 4 pounds In a quaint cottage nestled deep in the woods, a mystical mirror called "Black Lotus Flowers under the Moonlight" held its secrets. Its black and white mosaic shimmered in the moonlight, reflecting the beauty of the night sky. Legend had it that those who gazed into the mirror were transported to a realm of serenity and healing... This gorgeous mosaic mirror is adorned with a mesmerizing lotus motif and delicately crafted using the enchanting Howlite gemstone. This stunning piece will add a touch of elegance to any space while emitting profound metaphysical healing aspects. The lotus, an ancient symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment, gracefully blossoms on this mirror, reminding us of our own journey towards personal growth and transformation. Each delicate fragment of black and white mosaic intricately weaves together, symbolizing the harmony and balance we seek in our lives. The inclusion of the Howlite gemstone further enhances the mirror's metaphysical properties. Known for its calming energy, Howlite soothes the mind, releasing stress and tension. Its presence helps us tap into our inner wisdom, promoting clarity and mental focus. As you gaze into this breathtaking mirror, allow the lotus motif and the serene energy of Howlite to envelop you. Feel a sense of tranquility wash over you, as the mirror becomes a portal to a realm of inner peace and spiritual healing. Embrace the profound metaphysical healing aspect of our Black and White Mosaic Mirror, and let its beauty guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and personal harmony.