"I am Radiant, Beautiful, and Strong" Affirmation Mirror

22" x 22" - 2018


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  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Mirror
  • Seed Beads
  • Swarovski Elements
  • Carnelian (courage, confidence)
  • Apatite (positive use of personal power)
  • Kyanite (balances yin-yang energies and dispels blockages)
  • Copper (a conduit for good energy)

I was inspired after taking a Cleansing Sacral Chakra clearing class to make this mirror.  I knew I wanted inspiration to make my next piece before I went to the class.  During the meditation, I was visited by by an orb of intense electric purple, the first time I had seen such an intense color during a meditation.  I looked up the meaning of purple and found that this energy color represents the future, the imagination and dreams, while calming of emotions.  I knew then I had to make an affirmation mirror.

I chose the use orange Sacral color and the blue of the Throat, as they are opposite on the color wheel, to balance the mirror. When one feels too much of the Sacral energy, one can focus on the blues within the piece to bring them back to balance.   The sacral chakra is the second energy center of the body and is the centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, and intimacy.  The throat chakra is the center for communicating, and listening.  I like the balance of speaking your truth when affirming your emotions, your pleasures, your sensuality, etc.

The metaphysical properties weaved into this piece are surrounded by copper, my favorite conduit metal to use in my art.  Enjoy the protection, vitality, and stability of the Carnelian; the intuition, harmony, and problem solving of the Apatite; and the self-expression, attunement, and balance of the Kyanite.  These energies all work together for powerful grounding on oneself.