Size: 2" x 11" My energy sticks are crafted by hand, using high-quality gemstones, minerals, luxurious 24-carat gold, and copper. Each stick is carefully crafted to highlight the unique properties of the gemstones used. Energy sticks can be used in a variety of ways to promote positive energy in your space. You can hang them on the wall, place them on a table or shelf, or even use them as a centerpiece for your meditation or yoga practice. Each stick is unique, with its own combination of gemstones, colors, and textures. Inspired by a field of vibrant yellow echinacea, a beautiful herb used to promote vitality and energy, helping to boost the immune system and increase overall well-being. I wanted to combine this with the cosmic and transformative power of Meteorite to create an energy field that combines the cosmos with the earth. Meteorites are fascinating and mysterious. These extraterrestrial rocks are believed to contain the energy of the cosmos, offering a direct connection to the stars and planets beyond our world. They enhance intuition, promote clarity of thought, and provide a deeper understanding of the world around us. Additionally, meteorites are believed to have protective properties, shielding us from negative energies and promoting overall wellness.  Transform your space with the powerful healing energies of green and yellow. Green is the color of balance and harmony, promoting a sense of calm and reducing stress and anxiety. Yellow, the color of clarity and confidence, uplifts the mood and promotes happiness. Together, these colors create a dynamic duo that can help to heal and restore the body's natural balance. Whether you incorporate these colors into your home decor, you will experience a newfound sense of wellbeing and harmony in your daily life. Created with precious and semi-precious materials, including some cosmic meteorite beads.

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About this Piece

Meteorite: transformation, emotional balance

Bumblebee jasper: removes energetic blocks

Dioptase: forgiveness

Orange coral: optimism and joy

Carnelian: creativity and self esteem

Red coral: quiets emotions

Green apple jasper: grounding/protection

Shale: balance

Copper: happiness

Gold: abundance

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