Exhibition currently on display at FOCI - MN Glass Center for the Arts 2213 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis MN 55407 Through August 18. Please contact FOCI to purchase 1 612-759-8476

Introducing "Serenade of Passion" - a captivating exploration of hidden geometry within the 10-petaled Passion Flower. This mesmerizing mosaic mandala effortlessly blends glass, mirror, symbolism, and healing energy to create a truly enchanting masterpiece. Crafted with the sensual and daring music of the legendary artist Prince as inspiration, this mosaic pays homage to his bold and evocative artistry. Prepare to be entranced as you immerse yourself in the moody magnificence of the Passion Flower. Sparkling with a dynamic allure, this piece features exquisite violet and mottled green glass, complemented by the shimmer of fire torched copper and dazzling Austrian crystal embellishments. Together, these elements coax out a myriad of geometric shapes, delicately highlighting the essence, mystery, and sheer beauty of the passion flower. The captivating hues of green and purple hold significance in chakra healing, representing growth, transformation, and spiritual awakening. Allow these vibrant colors to infuse your surroundings with a sense of positivity, serenity, and renewed vitality, as they work harmoniously to restore balance and align your energies. "Serenade of Passion" invites you to surrender to its magnetic charm, to embrace the fusion of art and spirituality, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery. This masterpiece promises to become the focal point of any space, capturing hearts and minds with its undeniable allure. Experience the transformative power of this mosaic and let it serenade your senses with its intricate beauty. Size: 24" Diameter Weight: 8 lb Glass, Mirror, Fire Torched Copper, Austrian Crystal

"The Alchemy of a Star Flower" is an enchanting fusion of copper, serpentine, and the star flower's essence. It serves as a portal to the realms of inner exploration, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the transformative energies of nature. This study into the hidden structure of geometry found in flowers, resembles the intricate star flower. Each individual piece of glass and mirror, carefully placed, forms a symphony of shapes and patterns that seem to move and captivate the imagination. The mirror whispers secrets of blooming meadows, of starlight illuminating petals, and the enchantment of sevenfold geometry. In this mesmerizing mosaic mirror, the metaphysical properties of copper and serpentine intertwine, enhancing the enchantment it exudes. Copper, known for its conductive nature, symbolizes energy and vitality. Its fiery presence resonates with the red chakra, igniting passion and courage within. As the copper accents glimmer like stars, they infuse the artwork with a warm and vibrant energy, inviting an exploration of the depths within oneself. Serpentine, on the other hand, embodies the transformative powers of nature. Its lush green hue connects it to the heart chakra, radiating love, compassion, and healing energies. As the delicate rim of green serpentine adorns the inner mirror, it acts as a portal to another world, symbolizing both inner and outer growth. Take a moment and gaze into in the mirror's depths and watch your reflection merge with the mirror, and became part of the art itself. Size: 33" Weight: 15 pounds

Let's celebrate the beauty and symbolism behind Forget-me-not flower. This delicate and captivating flower holds a special place in our hearts with its rich meanings of eternal love, remembrance, true love, protection, and good luck. As you explore its intricate details, you'll discover that the Forget-me-not is not just any ordinary bloom. It is structured within fivefold geometry, also known as pentagonal geometry. The pentagon, one of the most prominent shapes in fivefold geometry, holds deep symbolism within the Forget-me-not. Representing balance and unity, the pentagon is formed by five equal sides and angles, symbolizing the harmony between the physical and spiritual aspects of existence. At first glance, you may notice the presence of three circles within this flower. But if you look closer, you'll be amazed to find a hidden wonder within each circle - a pentagram and a five-sided star. This creates a mesmerizing repeating fractal pattern that becomes so minuscule that it becomes invisible to the naked eye. To enhance the intricacy of where the petals emerge from the stem, I've embellished the geometry with the stunning gemstones Ametrine and Tsavorite. Ametrine, a captivating blend of amethyst and citrine, infuses the creation with harmony, relieving tension, promoting serenity, and stimulating creativity. Tsavorite, a vibrant green gemstone, adds strength, confidence, and vitality, further amplifying the energy of the Forget-me-not. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing hues of purple and green that dance harmoniously together within this mosaic creation. These colors not only captivate the eye but also evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment. Size: 18" Weight: 5 pounds Glass, Mirror, Ametrine, Fire Torched Copper, Austrian Crystal

“With a mischievous smile, she mixed a vivid hot pink grout that is reminiscent of an energy field that only the most perceptive eyes could see.” In this mosaic masterpiece, the vibrant hot pink grout serves as a visual representation of the energy field that surrounds geraniums. It captures the essence of their beauty and vitality, symbolizing the life force that flows through these remarkable flowers. Just as the five-fold geometry represents harmony and balance, the delicate petals of the geranium reveal a hidden pattern that mirrors this natural order. Jade, in its mesmerizing green hue, frames the inner mirror of the artwork. This precious stone not only represents the stem of the geranium but also brings forth qualities of life and love. Known for its ability to promote emotional balance and decision-making, jade acts as a protective barrier against negative energies, encouraging harmony and nurturing positive relationships. Embellishments of fire torched copper and sparkling Austrian crystals add whimsical touches to the piece. The copper, a conduit for happy energy, infuses the artwork with a sense of joy and playfulness. The crystals, with their bursts of light, bring an element of mischief and enchantment to the overall composition. Step into the enchanted garden of this mosaic artwork and let yourself be captivated by the kaleidoscope of geranium magic. Allow the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and symbolic elements to transport you to a world where beauty, harmony, and positive energy abound. Size: 31" Diameter 12" Inner Mirror Weight: 14 pounds