13.25" Outer Diameter 7" Inner Mirror Once upon a time there were green and yellow lotus flowers floating in the serene pink light of the morning dawn.... Introducing "Serenity," a Lotus Flower Themed Mirror, crafted with the power of copper, serpentine, yellow turquoise, and carnelian. The mirror is designed to transform your space with its radiant and positive energy. Copper, a powerful conductor of energy, balances the chakras and promotes healing on all levels, while serpentine releases emotional blockages and encourages inner peace. Yellow turquoise resonates with the solar plexus chakra, promoting creativity and self-expression, and carnelian heals emotional wounds and restores balance to the sacral chakra. This mirror is more than just a decorative piece - it's a tool for promoting emotional and physical well-being in your home where you can immerse yourself in its warm, sunny energy. Place it where it can reflect a vase full of flowers or a window to bring outdoors inside.

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About this Piece

Copper: is one of my favorite metals to use and a conduit for happy energy. It is a powerful conductor of energy that has been used for centuries in various metaphysical practices. Copper is believed to be a tool for balancing the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. Its energy is said to flow freely through the body, helping to remove blockages and promote healing on all levels.
In addition to its metaphysical properties, copper is also known for its ability to enhance the energy of other materials. When used in conjunction with other crystals or stones, copper amplifies their energy and help to create a more powerful and harmonious energy field.

Serpentine: resonates with the heart and solar plexus chakras. It balances these chakras, promoting emotional and physical well-being. Serpentine helps release emotional blockages, especially those related to fear and anxiety and encourages feelings of inner peace, calmness, and tranquility. Serpentine has a lovely protective energy that can shield you from negative energies especially during times of change and transition.

Yellow turquoise : has a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of personal power and confidence. Its bright, vibrant energy is said to promote creativity, self-expression, and inner strength.  I am inspired by its warm, sunny energy and the sense of joy and optimism that it brings. I use it to create pieces that evoke a sense of creativity, courage, and vitality.

Carnelian: is a powerful stone that is known for its ability to heal emotional wounds and promote feelings of courage, confidence, and self-worth. With its vibrant orange-red color, carnelian is often associated with the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and governs our emotions, creativity, and sexuality. When this chakra is blocked or out of balance, we may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Carnelian can help to restore balance to this chakra, allowing us to release negative emotions and connect with our inner strength and creativity

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